About Us

For over 30 years we've been helping independent flooring retailers dominate their local markets.

The Carpet One Floor & Home Family


Who do you call when you have a question about your business? As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home family, there’s always someone to call – fellow members, carpet one staff and executives, and professional consultants are as close as your phone. And, just like any good family, we don’t want you to lose your identity. We’re here to support you in becoming the best flooring retailer you can be!

All of our members were once in your shoes. They made the decision to join the family, improve their business, maintain their independence and gain thousands of new friends to lean on.

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Carpet One Floor & Home’s History is filled with industry firsts, innovative programs and impressive milestones. Get to know our past and imagine what our future could be.

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The Cooperative Advantage

You may be wondering how you could possibly join a group and maintain your independence. Our cooperative business model does just that!

CCA Global Partners

The astounding success of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative has grown into something bigger…CCA Global Partners. As a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, you are also an owner and shareholder of CCA Global Partners.

Our Team

John Gilbert


Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  jgilbert@carpetone.com

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Scott Wheeler

Chief Operating Officer

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  swheeler@carpetone.com

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Theresa Fisher

SVP Store Design and Visual Merchandising

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  tfisher@carpetone.com

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Bevin Andrews

SVP Marketing

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  bandrews@carpetone.com

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Jim Aaron

VP Merchandising

Phone:  1-800-466-6984

Email:  jaaron@carpetone.com

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Terri Daniels

VP PR & Communications

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  tdaniels@carpetone.com

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Baxter Freake

VP of Carpet One Canada

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  bfreake@carpetone.com

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Sally Kelly

VP of Regional Network Groups

Phone:  1-800-450-7595

Email:  skelly@carpetone.com

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Bill Hosner

Sr. Membership Consultant

Phone:  1-330-705-2418

Email:  bhosner@carpetone.com

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