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Ask any one of our Carpet One Floor & Home members and they\\\'ll all have a list of reasons why being a member has helped them succeed in their business. Learn more about the benefits of membership in our cooperative. 
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We Are A Cooperative

Learn what being part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative really means. Watch now:
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Carpet One Floor & Home's staff, managment and exclusive programs help members succeed. Learn more about our managment and programs. 
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Carpet One Floor & Home Supports Our Bravest

Learn how we are supporting our most catoshrophically injured service members. Watch now:


What’s a Cooperative? Cooperative businesses – co-ops – are local businesses that have joined with other businesses to create a competitive alternative to big corporations. With co-ops consumers get expertise without compromise - selection, pricing, attention, and a vested interest in their community.


Of course we buy product. In fact, CCA Global is the largest purchaser of flooring in North America. But our Carpet One Floor & Home merchandising programs go beyond getting great prices. We’ve developed exclusive brands, state of the art displays, and in-store signage – it’s the complete package.


An easy to shop store and the best pricing won’t make a sale if your customers don’t know about you. That’s where our marketing programs come in. From traditional marketing avenues like radio and TV to state of the art websites, digital marketing, social media and public relations, we have all the tools you need.


Even the most beautiful store with great customer traffic can struggle if it’s not managed efficiently. Carpet One Floor & Home’s expertise in store operations, national discounts and savings, as well as a revolutionary training program and member networking opportunities will ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of our current stores. Notice how they’re unique identities all work with Carpet One Floor & Home!