The Cooperative Advantage

Join the group....maintain your independence.


Join a Group Maintain Independence?

You may be wondering how you could possibly join a group and maintain your independence. Our cooperative business model does just that!

What’s a Cooperative? Cooperative businesses – co-ops – are local businesses that have joined with other businesses to bring you a competitive alternative to big corporations. With co-ops consumers get expertise without compromise – selection, pricing, attention, and a vested interest in their community.

When you think of a cooperative you may think of your local food co-op where the customers are the members. This is a consumer cooperative. Or maybe you’ve heard of a cooperative of farmers who come together to sell their goods. Carpet One Floor & Home is a purchasing and shared service cooperative. Like all cooperatives, purchasing and shared-services cooperatives exist to meet members’ needs and allow small businesses to compete with “big box” competitors.

What does all this mean to YOU? You get to have it ALL. The remainder of this book shows you everything you get, but don’t forget what you won’t lose – your independence.

There are 5 basic types of cooperatives:

  1. Consumer Cooperatives
  2. Purchasing & Shared Service Cooperatives
  3. Worker Cooperatives
  4. Producer Cooperatives
  5. Hybrid Cooperatives