Our members have great people, but the most successful members have the RIGHT PEOPLE in the right positions. Their people are truly empowered to run the business.  They have the authority to do whatever it takes to take care of customers.  They are held accountable for results by a nurturing, caring, and dedicated owner/manager.  And they know that teamwork generates the best results.  They truly have a culture where the customers matter the most, and they unselfishly share their knowledge with everyone in their company to help the company grow.

Teamwork is an overused phrase.  Millions of business “gurus” have made a lot of money expounding on the virtues of Teamwork.  The best series of articles I have ever read on the subject were in an issue of Fortune Magazine.  Fortune tells how the “Best Make it Happen. The Secrets of Greatness are revealed over and over again.  The part I liked the most was the statement: “LIFE’S RICHEST EXPERIENCES OFTEN HAPPEN IN CONCERT WITH OTHERS.”

“IN CONCERT WITH OTHERS.” Sounds like teamwork. When you concentrate on working in concert with others and your combined efforts contribute to a great outcome, you do receive one of “Life’s Richest Experiences.”   Great teamwork creates great outcomes.  Accomplishing more with others and through others may be the single most important thing all of us can do to increase our value, regardless of what level job we have in a company or what authority we hold.

The best companies have a culture that lives and breathes and fosters teamwork – through their actions, their behaviors, their words, and in everything they do.  And their people believe it! No matter how smart we are (or may think we are) none of us alone is as good as all of us together. The reason Carpet One Floor & Home continues to be the most respected, most admired, and most successful retail flooring organization is because our members work IN CONCERT with each other.  They believe in achieving more through cooperation…through teamwork.

You’ve probably guessed by now. THE Secret to Greatness is this:  teamwork!

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