Are you overpaying for everyday expenses? From uniforms to waste services to facility supplies and propane, our costs—and our areas of potential savings—are limitless.

Now is the perfect time to review your everyday expenses with Savings4Members—a simple way to lock in lower pricing for everyday expenses. We’re offering FREE access to Savings4Members for one year—no strings attached. See how much you can save today.

With Savings4Members, the average business saves more than $15,000 every year with cost-cutting opportunities across over 20 savings categories. Here are the top five areas where Carpet One members find savings:

  1. Credit card processing—Save $1000s annually—you’ll pay less per transaction with reduced fees and easy setup.
  2. Consumer financing—Win/Win! For you—close more sales with a higher average ticket. For your customers—delayed payments.
  3. Payroll—Access outsourced human resource needs with up to 25% savings.
  4. Office Supplies—Save up to 70% and get free shipping with Staples and Office Depot.
  5. Fuel—Save up to 20 cents off of every gallon for every vehicle in your fleet.

On an ongoing basis, Savings4Members provides personalized cost-cutting recommendations made possible by the power of scale across their member network. Businesses can explore all of the ways to save, get estimates, and, with the help of our dedicated team of Savings Experts—begin saving right away.

Start your FREE access to Savings4Members today.

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